A long time ago in a distant land...

When our ancestors put loincloth onto their hips, they started never-ending fashion.

In the previous century, somewhere in Eastern Europe, Poland - the most splendid country in the world - revived. It has been known for the most beautiful women on Earth. Their beauty, described by the greatest poets, has always harmonised with the natural landscape. Along with the people who wanted to create attire for them, appeared the need for presenting the clothes to the wide audience. In view of that, beautiful women from all over the world have been coming to Paris - the capital of the world fashion. However, Polish women were the ones who were missing there. In order to change this state, in 1994 RAMA Model Agency came into being. Its girls combine unique Slavic beauty, German precision, Italian temper, English dignity and French finesse.

We invite you to use RAMA models′ skills and experience.